America's Great Divide: Steve Bannon, 1st Interview | FRONTLINE – Tin tức thời trang do Foci cung cấp

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America's Great Divide: Steve Bannon, 1st Interview | FRONTLINE – Tin tức ngành thời trang do Foci cung cấp.


Steve Bannon là một nhà điều hành truyền thông và chiến lược gia chính trị. Ông từng là chủ tịch điều hành của Breitbart News, là cố vấn cho năm 2016 của Donald Trump …

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America's Great Divide: Steve Bannon, 1st Interview | FRONTLINE | ban non
America's Great Divide: Steve Bannon, 1st Interview | FRONTLINE

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25 thoughts on “America's Great Divide: Steve Bannon, 1st Interview | FRONTLINE – Tin tức thời trang do Foci cung cấp

  1. Lmarjorie1 says:

    Smart guy about the system, not so smart in backing Trump thinking he was the one to get us out of it. No able to choose healthy people or the right ones. Even Palosi , she is not evil, she is just clueless takes someone to educate. It's too bad we needed a revolution but we had bad Generals and leaders

  2. Rush Soriano says:

    I for one used to believe lame stream media stories of Steve Bannon, but listening to him change my whole perspective about him. Thanks PBS.

  3. Alexis Mijatovic says:

    The talk about the ACA repeal at 2:03 is really helpful. It's really pathetic how clueless the establishment was about their cruel and incompetent plan to repeal ACA. So much TDS, when the real enemies have always been Nevertrumpers.

  4. Jenny Simon says:

    15:00 Millenials are screwed. We don't own anything and we can't. Gig economy. Family destroyed. I always knew this isn't how the world is supposed to work.

  5. Maria Tamburro says:

    This guy is a lunatic and his view of reality is so distorted. He completely ignores an entire group of people that are hurt by his hateful rhetoric.

  6. Robert bolino says:

    Romney lost because of Voter Fraud in Ohio With a Republican Gov. Bad Joke!! And that was not the Only Place that it happen. Wake UP!!

  7. Doug Reed says:

    Steve's discussion on Sessions is a pretty great thing. I myself had felt compassion for the guy much the same as I feel for Grahm these have been part of the establishment and played the game with the Uniparty when GHW had drove hard for career politicians. These 2 guys gave Trump the best the have in political guidance they also give Trump as the bull in the China shop that Trump is
    It is what's needed a string leader is required to get this country back on track on the Constitution for we the people and this Republic. Actually many people have worked with Trump and really have to commend Cruz and others for defining what it ment to bring some unity for the Republicans and they could have circled the wagons better for Trump Trump us gonna win the the second term he has intelligently put together the fraud based on the constitution the law of the land that many have subverted the constitution on this election. The constitution will be the winning 2020 gets 4 more years.

  8. Kushal Agate Btw I am a Brahmin says:

    Yet he worked for the guy who during this whole pandemic has been causing massive amounts of inflation. Leading to even bigger deficits. His idea of dismantling the 'system' (which is basically keynesian economics it's hardly a conspiracy) was to help the guy who was completely reliant on 'the system'. If he wanted to be truly revolutionary he ought to have supported someone like Ron Paul, whose ideas would have drastically limited inflation, government spending or instead supported Sanders or even Yang, who would have loaded on so much regulation as to ensure the 'boom and bust' cycle finishes off.

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